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Want to increase chances of getting hired?

1. Come in to our shop regularly and get to know our staff. We are much more likely to hire someone we can put a face to.
2. Again, come into our shop regularly and buy coffee. We will never hire someone who hasn't tried / enjoyed our product. 
3. Email us at to follow up.  A lot of times we aren't ready to hire when you apply, but keep in constant contact to reassure us you are still interested when it comes time to pick the perfect candidate.
4. Do your research on our mission and why we are out here serving coffee. You'll have a much better time interviewing if you know what we are about.
5. Once you land that interview, come ready to talk. We only hire about 1 - 2 people PER YEAR so come ready to tell us why we should pick you as our newest staff member.


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